The quest for privacy

March 28, 2014

Recently I started worrying about my privacy. ‘Just recently?!’, you ask. Yup, to be honest with you, yes, just recently. It started off with an advertisement for a VPN provider on the BitcoinTalk forums. Private Internet Access is the VPN provider I am talking about, and it truly works like a charm. I can recommend it to anyone. It has a great app for both my Mac and my Android phone.

So after surfing the web using my newly acquired (with Bitcoin by the way ;-)) VPN, I started looking at the Prism Break website better. I quickly traded Google Chrome for Firefox and I am currently moving all my GMail accounts to a self-hosted mailserver with the AfterLogic Webmail Lite web interface, which works great.

DuckDuckGo is now my default search engine, and works great so far.

Other than that I installed a few browser add-ons, suggested by Prism Break:, Adblock Edge and HTTPS Everywhere.

I am of course still not fully save of prying eyes. I still use Macs both at the office and at home, I guess we’ll have to work towards a solution on that part as well. I still use Gmail for work, I still use Google Calendar. And I still have my facebook account. It’s hard to break up with these services. I am not fully sure if I actually should break up with them all…

Not just for privacy but mainly for security I strongly recommend Private Internet Access to anyone though.